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His Plan to Save Me Part I
Supplies needed:
1.      Bibles
2.      Copies front and back of memory verse
3.      Buckets or any plastic container
4.      Photocopy of Salvation booklet
5.      Scissors
6.      Markers
7.      Glue
8.      Sand paper
9.      Soft paper or cloth
10.  Construction paper
Requirement: His plan to save me (John 3:16)
Go thru God’s plan of salvation booklet and explain the story.
Game: Memorize John 3:16
For this activity you will need enough space for the kids to be able to move and run around freely.  Write or type each sentence on a separate piece of paper and then place them in a container. You can make one set for each child or with a large group, you may want to form teams, and make one set per team.  Each container should have all five pieces of paper.
On the papers the memory verse is divided into five phrases. The phrases will be on the front and on the back you will write a physical activity, such as, jumping jacks, sit-ups, etc. Remember the age of the children; don't make the activities to strenuous for them.  So, they should be able to go the bucket, pull out a strip, on the front it might say: "For God so loved the world" - on the back it could say, "Do five jumping jacks".
Read the memory verse out loud first or have them read it together before this activity.
Place the container with the strips in it at one end and approximately ten feet or so back have the kids/teams form a line (you may use rope or tape to mark the starting point). On your command, the first kid will come and choose one strip of paper, read both sides out loud to his "team" or fellow players; they must then perform the activity to be able to send the next child in line, to get the next paper. If you have a smaller group and you are having each child run to a get a paper, then he must get the paper, take it back to his starting point, do the activity and then go to get the next paper. This will continue until they have obtained the entire memory verse.
When they have the whole memory verse, they must put it in the order it should read, and say it to you. Have them try it without using their Bibles, if the verse is too hard for them, you can give them help.
This first child/team to finish all the activities and put their memory verse together, WINS.
This activity may be lengthened or shortened as needed. Example:
Front:                                                              Back:
·         For God so loved the world                Do ten jumping jacks
·         He gave His one and only Son            Walk sideways
·         That whoever believes in Him             Do ten sit-ups
·         Shall not perish                                   Jump up and down ten times
·         But have eternal life.                           Touch your toes ten times

Evaluation: The children will be able to explain to somebody else God’s plan of salvation booklet.

His message to me – Part II
Supplies needed for creation:
1    1.  Bibles
2.  Candles
3.  Glow in the dark stars, sun, planets
4.  Fruits and vegetables
5.  Fish and birds figurines or stuff animals
6.  Some animals and people
7.  Black and white felt
8.  Black marker
9.  Stapler
Main Class
Ice Breaker: Repeat the same ice breaker of part I
Requirement: His message to me
Bible I Award
1.      Using their bibles, ask children how to show respect for the bible
2.      Show them the first and last book of the Bible
3.      Help children to find the following bible verses.
a.      Genesis 1:1
b.      Genesis 1:26
c.       Revelation 22: 20
4.      Using props have the children perform a skit about the story of creation (See skit Creation)
Craft: Using the black and white felt make a Bible and write the first and last book of the bible.
Activity: Learn the bible verses from requirement part 3 –

Sit in a circle. The teacher will whisper the memory verse to the child seated at their left, the child when then whisper what she/he was told to the child, on their left.  Continue until the last person whispers the whole verse back into the teacher’s ear. Once it has been whispered to everyone, you may say it together as a group or out loud individually to make sure everyone knows.

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