Busy Bee - My Family

I Have a Family
Supplies needed
                    List of questions

Icebreaker: Knowing my Family in 15 seconds
Have everyone sitting in a circle.  Pick a question and have each person answer it but only in 15 seconds.  No one else should talk during some else's time.  The timer can read out the time if the person stops too early.  But otherwise, just let them be silence.  Questions might be:
  • Mother’s/Father’s name
  • Sister/Brother eye color
  • Sister/Brother hair color
  • Mom’s/Dad’s favorite food
  • Mon’s/Dad’s favorite color
  • Sister’s/Brother’s favorite subject in school
  • Family favorite place
  • Thing to do together
  • Mom’s/Dad’s favorite song
  • Mom’s/Dad’s favorite book
  • Sister’s/Brother’s birthday
The list is endless, but these examples should give you some ideas.  For large groups, break into smaller groups of about 6 people.
  • Each person answers a different question.
  • Have the person who just finished talking to choose the question for the next person.
Requirement: Paint or draw a picture showing something you like about each member of your family.
Evaluation: The children will complete a family picture.

II. Families Care for Each Other
Ice breaker: Game: Missing letter
Have the children to look in their Bibles the verse.
“Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you”. Exodus 20:12 (NIV)
Write out your verse by putting “blanks” for letters e.g.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Exodus 20:12 (NIV)
The idea is for the children to guess the correct letters that make up this verse. As they do so, fill in the blanks. Have them form 2 teams. One person from each team guesses a letter in turn. If team 1, for example, guesses ‘n’, and there are three n’s, they get three points. If team 2 guesses ‘e’, and there are six e’s, they get six points etc. The team with the most points when the verse is complete is the winner.
Requirements: Honor your parents. Role play and discussion
Choose two class members to be the parents and another to be their daughter. Without any preparation, have them dramatize the following scene:
The daughter has been invited to a party by some of the most popular girls at her school. They plan to see a movie that has received very good reviews. However, the parents are concerned because this movie contains bad language, violence, and immorality. The parents have always taught their daughter to avoid these things, but the daughter doesn’t want to lose this chance to be friends with the popular girls.
Let the three class members’ act out the situation without interference. After the role play, ask all class members the following questions:
• How would you have handled the situation if you were the daughter or if you were the parents?
• Why do you think parents care about what their children do?
Abraham Lincoln, who became the sixteenth president of the United States, once traveled in a stagecoach with a military man, a colonel, from the state of Kentucky. “After riding a number of miles together, the colonel took a bottle of whiskey out of his pocket, and said, ‘Mr. Lincoln, won’t you take a drink with me?’
“Mr. Lincoln replied, ‘No, Colonel, thank you, I never drink whiskey.’
“They rode along together for a number of miles more, visiting very pleasantly, when the gentleman from Kentucky reached into his pocket and brought out some cigars, saying, ‘Now, Mr. Lincoln, if you won’t take a drink with me, won’t you take a smoke with me? …’
“And Mr. Lincoln said, ‘Now Colonel, you are such a fine, agreeable man to travel with, maybe I ought to take a smoke with you. But before I do so, let me tell you a little story—an experience I had when a small boy.’ And this was the story:
“‘My mother called me to her bed one day when I was about nine years old. She was sick, very sick, and she said to me, “Abbey, the doctor tells me I am not going to get well. I want you to promise me before I go that you will never use whiskey or tobacco as long as you live.” And I promised my mother I never would. And up to this hour, Colonel, I have kept that promise. Now would you advise me to break that promise to my dear mother, and take a smoke with you?’ …
“‘No, Mr. Lincoln, I wouldn’t have you do it for the world. It was one of the best promises you ever made. And I would give a thousand dollars today if I had made my mother a promise like that, and kept it as you have done’ ” (“Abraham Lincoln Keeps His Promise,” A Story to Tell, comp. Primary Association General Board and Deseret Sunday School Union Board [1945], 256–57).
• Why do you suppose Lincoln’s mother asked her son to make this promise?
• When has your parents’ counsel helped you know how to act in a certain situation?
Emphasize to class members that our parents love us and want what is best for us. Ask class members to think of how much time and effort it takes to raise a son or daughter. Our parents have made a commitment to help us live a happy, healthy life. When our parents try to guide us, they are trying to help us be our best and be worthy of exaltation with our family.
The children will correctly demonstrate to the group ways in which they may honor their families.
III. My Family Helps Me Care for Myself

  1. With your parents, discuss your home fire-safety plan. Select two of the following areas and give four safety rules for each area.
    1. Home safety
    2. Outdoor safety (city or country)
    3. Weather safety
    4. People safety
  2. Practice a fire drill for at least one of the following places.
    1. Home
    2. School
    3. Church (if possible)
  3. As appropriate for your area, practice the following drills OR discuss what you would do
  4. In the following emergencies.
    1. Hurricane
    2. Tornado
    3. Earthquake
    4. Flood
    5. Volcano
    6. Lightning and thunder
  5. Be a Safety Detective for one week. Check the people and places that you are learning about and list any hazards.
  6. Make a mural or safety poster showing dangerous situations and what you can do about them.
  7. With your club, play the Safety Game. Give each other safety situations to answer with Yes, No, or I'll ask my mom.

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