Busy Bee - My World

I. The World of Friends
The world of Friends - Part I Friend Award from Florida (60 minutes)
Supplies needed:
        2 Puppets (girl and boy)
        Booklet photocopy
        Market or pencil
        Poster photocopy of: “Making Friends”, “Keeping Friends” from Manual.
Main Class
Ice Breaker: Puppet Story “Making Friends”
Requirement: The world of Friends –
1.      Go thru making friends booklet
2.      Use posters: “Making Friends”, “Keeping Friends”
Activity:  Popcorn Game
Everyone mills around in the playing area, you could be moving to music, or whatever, so long as people are mixing around.
The leader then calls out a number and an object. Participants quickly form groups of that number, and then use their bodies to make the object. For example, "2, rocking chair!" and you'll suddenly see pairs forming themselves into rocking chairs.
Once everyone's made their object and has been suitably congratulated, then it's time for more mingling and the next object!
Some guaranteed hits:
                    washing machine
                    hot air popcorn popper
                    old oak tree
You can always end with "Everyone, roller coaster!"
Each time the players form a group, it must be with new people.  Once they have formed 4-5 objects, and then start the second phase.  Call out the object again.  They have to find the same group and recreate their object. Use your making friend booklet to get autographs from your friends.
Evaluation: The children will participate in the discussion and role playing. Use your making friend booklet to get autographs from your friends.

II. The World of Other People
Supplies needed:
  • Cards or pictures with church officials
  • Tape
  • Cardboard discs
  • Church Drawing
  • Labels – Church rooms
  • Markers, crayons or pencil
  • Church Officials questions
Main Class:
Ice Breaker:  Memory Verse puzzle
Ask the children to find in their Bibles:
“… Have them made a sanctuary for me, and I will dwell among them”.  Exodus 25:8 (NIV).
Explain the verse and ask the children to repeat it.
Cut out a number of cardboard discs - about 20 cm. in diameter is ideal. Write your memory verse on the discs - one or two words per circle. Without prior warning, get out your discs, and quickly "skim' them towards the children. State "This is our memory verse. Everyone who has caught a disc, come out to the front and arrange the verse in the right order as quickly as you can. I will time you to see how long it takes you to get it in the right order."
Sing the song:
Lord prepare me to be a sanctuary
To be a sanctuary
Pure and Holy Tried and True
And With Thanks Giving
I'll be a living
Sanctuary, Lord for you
Requirement: Who Am I
The tasks in the local church may be explained by dividing them into categories, such as:
  1. Leaders: pastor, elders, church board members, Sabbath School Superintendent and division leaders;
  2. Caretakers: deacons, deaconesses, treasurer, clerk, secretary;
  3. Teachers: Sabbath School teachers, Church School teachers, Club instructors;
  4. Church ministries workers: personal ministries, community services, AY/Pathfinder Club leader, Adventurer Club leader, musicians.
Game: Keeping the pictures hidden, tape one picture on each child's back. Make sure that child doesn't know what is in the picture.
Have each child ask another child questions to help him figure out what is on the picture.  The questions must be answered with a yes or a no. Two children can take turns asking their own questions, or move on and ask questions of another child.
The children will have to move around a lot and turn their backs to show the picture before asking a question.
When a child figures out the picture, tape another picture on his or her back.
Activity: Church drawing lay out
Give the Adventurers a tour of the church. Then have the Adventurers act as tour guides to the different rooms or areas of the church. Next ask the Adventurers to label a pre-drawn map of the church inserting the different rooms into the correct localities
The children will describe the work of the local church officer(s) and the tasks the children performed. This may be an oral activity or the children may make pictures to illustrate what they have learned.

III. The World of Nature
Requirement: Earn a Friend of Animals Adventurer Award.
  1. Take care of an animal or bird for four weeks.
    1. Feed it and be certain it has fresh water.
    2. Keep its cage or resting place clean.
  2. Identify three different birds. Observe them and study their habits.
  3. Identify and describe characteristics of three breeds of dogs and two breeds of cats.
  4. Visit one of the following and write a report of what you do and see.
A zoo/a natural history museum/an aviary/a kennel/a farmyard/a pet shop

  1. Set up a feeding station for birds or animals.
  2. Play an animal game.

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